Hello my name is Graeme here’s what you need to know about me:

I love baseball and I love helping young athletes.  This site is a combination of these two passions.

Baseball has been a big part of my life from the time I could pick up a ball through my college days on the mound to today where I am today consulting with an MLB  team.

For the past 8 years I’ve been studying the athletic side of baseball.  It started when I began researching my master’s thesis in grad school where I was able to again combine two passions of mine, this time it was baseball and exercise science.  The question that I wanted to answer was to determine which athletic tests could best predict throwing velocity.  The catch was that it could only use test’s that any coach in the world could implement themselves without any expensive or complicated equipment.

The results were amazing and you can click here to read the research paper or if reading scientific journals aren’t your thing, click here to read an interview I did with Baseball training expert Eric Cressey.

During the time I was researching for my thesis I started a blog writing about all of these scientific research papers I had to read for school.  The goal was to put things into “Layman’s Terms” so that coaches could get some practical use out of these tough to read academic papers.

It might seem weird to brag about a blog because anyone who knows how to turn on a computer can make this same claim.  But I am very proud of my blog it and it has provided me with a lot of opportunities such as:

  • Speak at Lantz Wheeler’s Pitch-a-Palooza alongside some of the best pitching minds in the world like Kyle Boddy, Derek Johnson (Brewers), Dr Paul Nyman, Matt Blake (Indians), Butch Thompson (Auburn)and of course Lantz Wheeler.
  • Work with College of Central Florida Patriots remotely. These guys are a top notch JUCO who play in one of the toughest divisions in the country and have help produce a first round draft pick.
  • Working with an MLB team as a Sport Science Consultant. Click here to learn which team it is.

I invite you to check out the blog.  Be warned that it’s not for everyone since the articles are very long and in-depth.  This site is what they would call a “niche market” for baseball nerds that happen to also like things like exercise science and bio-mechanics.

While being in front of a computer has helped me reach a wide audience I have spent my fair share of time in the weight room and on the field coaching as well.  I’ve spent time as the strength coach for Canada’s top college team the UBC Thunderbirds and I have coached with 3 different organizations in BC Premiere baseball league.  Arguably the best high school baseball league in Canada.  I’ve also spent 14 years working full-time as strength coach with a wide variety of athletes and weekend warriors.

That pretty much sums up what I’ve done so far but I am really excited to keep going and learn as much as I can about this great game.  However, I am even more excited about helping out as many players as I can along the way.

Feel free to explore this site for yourself but if you want some specific help fill out an application here to see if you’re a fit for my remote consulting services.

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