Antropometric Assessment

Here is a list of all the antropometric information that I feel are valuable enough to spend the time and energy in gathering.  Each piece of information gathered can be related to throwing velocity and when looked at all together can provide us with a very accurate picture of each athlete.

Here is a list of all the measurements

1 Height
2 Seated Height
3 Torso Length
4 Arm Span
5 Clavicle Length
6 Forearm Length
7 Arm Length
8 Hand Length
9 Hand Width
10 Ring Finger
11 Middle Finger
12 Index Finger
13 Shoulder Girth
14 Forearm Girth

Below you will find a picture of each assessment and any additional notes that I feel are necessary.  There’s more than one way to measure each of these body parts but I’ve tried to select the easiest way of getting accurate information in the more time efficient manner possible.  I will follow up with a video of how to go through the entire process in a systematic fashion.

Seated Height

Related image

Torso Height

  • When the athlete is already seated we can have a tape measure go from the seat to the sternal notch.

Arm Span

Image result for arm span

  • Measure the distance from finger tip to finger tip

Clavicle Length


  • sternoclaviar joint / glenohumeral axis

Forearm Length


  • elbow axis / ulnar styloid

Arm Length


gleno humeral joint / ulnar styloid

Hand Size #1 (length)


  • wrist to middlefinger/ringfinger

Hand Size #2 (width)


Finger Length


Measure the length of each finger from the tip to the metacarophalangeal joint.  The picture you see here is only measuring the ring and index finger while providing a ratio for calculating the digit ratio.

Forearm Girth


  • Widest Part of the Forearm – relaxed

Shoulder Girth


  • Widest part of the shoulders with arms down to the sides

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