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Throwing Velocity Testing

Complete the following to velocity tests to get a full profile of your throwing ability.  This test is only to be done when you have been throwing for at least 2-3 weeks on a regular basis of at least 3 times per week with high intensity.  After a complete warm up and 5-10 minutes of… Continue Reading →

Antropometric Assessment

Here is a list of all the antropometric information that I feel are valuable enough to spend the time and energy in gathering.  Each piece of information gathered can be related to throwing velocity and when looked at all together can provide us with a very accurate picture of each athlete. Here is a list… Continue Reading →

Assessment Pictures – Phase 1

Take the best pictures you can and if possible without a shirt.  Try to pick a location that you can use in the future. Pictures # 1 – forward – stand in normal posture # 2 – turn to your left and keep your normal posture #3 – try to straighten your right arm out… Continue Reading →