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Health Checklist – Scale

Below is a description of what number values for the checklist where you need to rank your energy, sleep and how your arm feels on a daily basis. It’s important that everyone is speaking the same language so that we are all on the same page. Energy Level @ Waking 10 LET’S GO!!! 7.5 I’m… Continue Reading →

Health Checklist – Yes or No?

These checklists are aimed at helping you develop better habits that will improve your ability to rest and recover between games/practices/training sessions. Your ability to recover is vital.  Without recovery you can’t get better/bigger/faster because you will just keep tearing your body down. Checklist list #1  – Yes or No If you did what the… Continue Reading →

Strength Checklist (Front Squat, Floor Press, RFESS, TRX Row)

Even though you have been tested for your on-field athletic ability I am going to set some standards for your performance in the weight room.  You will have to prove your performance by taking a video of yourself doing a certain amount of reps with a certain amount of weight with proper technique. The purpose… Continue Reading →

Assessment Pictures – Phase 1

Take the best pictures you can and if possible without a shirt.  Try to pick a location that you can use in the future. Pictures # 1 – forward – stand in normal posture # 2 – turn to your left and keep your normal posture #3 – try to straighten your right arm out… Continue Reading →

Weekly Health Checklist

Name: Week: Yes (1) or No (0) Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total 3+ veggies 10+ glasses 4 meals w/ 20+ g of pro daily drills soft tisse work 8+ hrs of sleep Nap (less than 30 min) No visual stim 1hr pre bed Totals Objective 0-10 Scale Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri… Continue Reading →