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Intro Workout

Introductory Workout The goal here is to introduce some key movements. Station 1: The Dumbbell Station – 3 rounds RFESS: 8 reps – (cue elbows inside knee) Floor Press: 8 reps per arm Bent Over Row: 12 reps RFESS: Hold one heavy or two lighter DB’s in the goblet position.  Place a mat under on… Continue Reading →

Sprint Circuits: In-Season

Since players get to sprint a lot in games and practices during the season the focus of an in-season sprint program is on improving running bio-mechanics.  This will be accomplished through the use of drills that focus on acceleration while not adding too much additional physical stress to an in-season baseball player. Here are two… Continue Reading →

Pre-Practice Power Circuit

In order to repeatably produce high levels of power your muscles needs to have enough rest between repetitions.  This circuit is designed to fit the kind  of power needs we want to use in baseball. Divide your players into groups of 4-8 per station. Each station is 90 seconds long with a 30 second break… Continue Reading →