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Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift

The Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift This is a great exercise that teaches you how to continuously accelerate the bar starting from a dead stop at the bottom while challenging you through the entire range of motion.  As you lift the bar the band is stretched adding more resistance every inch that it expands.  That’s… Continue Reading →

Sprinting Cues

External Cues for acceleration Posture – Head to heel strong as steel, Front Side – break the glass (w/ knee), punch the mitt, sprint up the hill Backside – push the ground away, drive back,  power over quickness Arm action  – throw spaghetti at the wall, bread to ducks chasing you Sprinting cues Posture –… Continue Reading →

Guideline for Hypertrophy (aka Bigger Muscles)

The word Hypertrophy means to add size and in this case we are talking about getting bigger muscles.  There has been many myths out there that gaining muscle size won’t let you move as fast because you will become “muscle bound”.  Becoming muscle bound would take a lot of time and for most young players… Continue Reading →

How to and How Not to Deadlift

The deadlift is one if not the greatest exercise that athletes can use to increase their size and strength when used properly.  In order to gain the rewards of being bigger and stronger we have to minimize our risks when we train with the deadlift. This webinar will go over what you need to know… Continue Reading →

Recovery Week – The “How & When”

If you’ve seen part 1 of why you should take a rest week then here is the article that will guide you to: what you should be doing when you should be doing it how you should be doing it But here is what a perfect day would look like: wake up after 8+ hours… Continue Reading →

Recovery Week – The “Why”

Recovery is very, very, very important and if you are able to get a full week or even just 3 days off in a row during the baseball season then you should really try to take advantage of it.  Your ability to get better through playing and training depends on your ability to recover from… Continue Reading →


The game of baseball can be harsh.  Games can last forever during the hottest days of the year. To fight this and maintain your athletic performance one of the most important things that you need to keep in check is your hydration. Without adequate hydration: your nerves and the muscles they control cannot function properly… Continue Reading →