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Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift

The Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift This is a great exercise that teaches you how to continuously accelerate the bar starting from a dead stop at the bottom while challenging you through the entire range of motion.  As you lift the bar the band is stretched adding more resistance every inch that it expands.  That’s… Continue Reading →

Hip Interal Rotation Resources

Hip Internal Rotation Assessment – have your place knees in the same place by rolling up a towel in between them.  Keep your hips on the ground – to try to get more your body will want to arch your lower back so keep your abs braced very lightly to prevent this so we can… Continue Reading →

Reactive Lifts

RFESS – you can use DB’s Squat RDL Bench Press Split Squat

Stability Drills

Half Get Up Bowler Squat Half Kneeling Pallof Press Marching Glute Bridge Walkout Waiter’s Carry w/ KB Graeme Lehman

Overhead Squat Corrections – Mobility

Overhead Squat Corrections  – Mobility Issues Hip Flexor Stretch – Rectus Femoris Place a chair behind you, put a pillow on the ground between you and the chair and finally and grab a stick that you can use for balance Put one foot on the chair and lower yourself until your knee rests on the… Continue Reading →

Corrective Exercise Descriptions

  Shoulder Mobility Corrections Wall Slides                                                                              Lean against a wall with your hips, shoulders and back of your head touching while your feet should be 6-12 inches away. Ensure that you do not have too much of a sway in your low back – you should be able to slide your hand between the wall… Continue Reading →

Great Jumps for Pitchers

Here are some exercises that can be added to the “Warm Up” section of the throwing program.  Pick two and add them into a warm up circuit like this: a1 – jump #1 a2 – arm care/prep a3-jump a4 – mobility or stability drill Band Resisted Broad Jump Lateral Hop n’ Stop w/ mini hurdle… Continue Reading →

Exercises – Med Ball Throws

Chest Pass – Half Kneeling Hitter’s Hip Toss OH Slam Scoop Toss Split Stance Soccer Throw In’s Squat & Throw

Exercises – Jumps

Depth Jump Front Leg Hop n’ Stop (Height) Front Leg Hop n’ Stop (Speed) Heidens – Speed Skater Hurdle Hop n’ Stop Load n’ Go Lateral Jump Loaded Jump – Db’s Loaded Jump Continous

Exercises – Stability

Bowler Squats OH Walking Lunges Renegade Row Pallof Press – Half Kneeling Side Plank Row  Stir the Pot – SB