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Hip Interal Rotation Resources

Hip Internal Rotation Assessment – have your place knees in the same place by rolling up a towel in between them.  Keep your hips on the ground – to try to get more your body will want to arch your lower back so keep your abs braced very lightly to prevent this so we can… Continue Reading →

Overhead Squat Corrections – Mobility

Overhead Squat Corrections  – Mobility Issues Hip Flexor Stretch – Rectus Femoris Place a chair behind you, put a pillow on the ground between you and the chair and finally and grab a stick that you can use for balance Put one foot on the chair and lower yourself until your knee rests on the… Continue Reading →

Corrective Exercise Descriptions

  Shoulder Mobility Corrections Wall Slides                                                                              Lean against a wall with your hips, shoulders and back of your head touching while your feet should be 6-12 inches away. Ensure that you do not have too much of a sway in your low back – you should be able to slide your hand between the wall… Continue Reading →