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Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift

The Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift This is a great exercise that teaches you how to continuously accelerate the bar starting from a dead stop at the bottom while challenging you through the entire range of motion.  As you lift the bar the band is stretched adding more...
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Great Jumps for Pitchers

Here are some exercises that can be added to the “Warm Up” section of the throwing program.  Pick two and add them into a warm up circuit like this: a1 – jump #1 a2 – arm care/prep a3-jump a4 – mobility or stability drill Band Resisted Broad Jump...
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Exercises – Jumps

Depth Jump Front Leg Hop n’ Stop (Height) Front Leg Hop n’ Stop (Speed) Heidens – Speed Skater Hurdle Hop n’ Stop Load n’ Go Lateral Jump Loaded Jump – Db’s Loaded Jump Continous
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