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AM Day 2

TRX Row                       TRX Lateral Squat         Split Squat Jump                       Plank Pushup       RFESS       1 Arm Row         SB Leg Curls    … Continue Reading →

AM Day 1

Power Step Up         Walkout           Band Pullaparts         Pallof Press         Goblet Squat         Chest Supported Row           Alt DB Press           Reverse Lunge           Prone… Continue Reading →

Soft Tissue Warm Up

Here is the first thing you need to do when you get into the gym.  This massage to your muscles will warm them up by increasing blood flow while preparing them for the workout ahead.  Even if you aren’t going to workout this circuit is great to do throughout he day. The more frequent you… Continue Reading →

End of Summer Training Program – Overview

This workout is designed to be performed during the end of summer if you’re taking some time off before the start of fall ball.  This time off is a great idea.  It allows you to take some time off of pitching and a lot of the high volume throwing that happens from playing and practicing… Continue Reading →

Young Pitcher Exercises

Heel Touch alt side plank Lateral Hurdle Hop spiderman lunge Goblet Squat 1 arm DB Press – floor Split Squat Side Plank Row Step Ups Half kneeling 1 arm band press                

Stability Drills

Half Get Up Bowler Squat Half Kneeling Pallof Press Marching Glute Bridge Walkout Waiter’s Carry w/ KB Graeme Lehman

Upper Body Soft Tissue

Lat Foam Roll Pec Roll w/ Med Ball Pec Roll w/ Bench & Ball Cuff Rolling – Ground Upper Trap Rolling w/ Wall Cuff Rolling w/ Wall (example 1) Cuff Rolling w/ Wall (Example 2) Medial Elbow/Forearm – Ball on Table Bicep w/ Foam Roller

Lower Body Soft Tissue

Below are short video clips of the different lower body soft tissue drills. These are great drills to do throughout the day.  Frequency help enhance recovery and repair time of muscles. Click here to see full video Quads and Hip Flexors Lateral Leg – IT Band Calves w/ Ball Glutes w/Ball Groin w/ Med Ball

Athletic Hypertrophy – Day 1

Lift “A” A1&A2 B1&B2 C1&C2 D1-D3

Intro Workout

Introductory Workout The goal here is to introduce some key movements. Station 1: The Dumbbell Station – 3 rounds RFESS: 8 reps – (cue elbows inside knee) Floor Press: 8 reps per arm Bent Over Row: 12 reps RFESS: Hold one heavy or two lighter DB’s in the goblet position.  Place a mat under on… Continue Reading →