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Daily Drills – DMac

Set Up a Timer to do each movement for 45 seconds per side with about 15 seconds to switch to the next movement.  Repeat 2-4 times.  On days that you’re not lifting weights do this at least 3 rounds.

Check List Scale

Below is a description of what number values for the checklist where you need to rank your energy, sleep and how your arm feels on a daily basis. It’s important that everyone is speaking the same language so that we are all on the same page. Energy Level @ Waking 10 LET’S GO!!! 7.5 I’m… Continue Reading →

Check List Info

These checklists are aimed at helping you develop better habits that will improve your ability to rest and recover between games/practices/training sessions. Your ability to recover is vital.  Without recovery you can’t get better/bigger/faster because you will just keep tearing your body down. Checklist list #1  – Yes or No If you did what the… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights During the Baseball Season

Lifting weights during the baseball season can be a touchy subject.  There are professional players that swear by it and say it’s the only way for them to get through a long baseball season and there are those that say it’s a waste of time and has negative effects on performance. There is no doubt… Continue Reading →

The 5 Athletic Tools

The Five Athletic Tools In the game of baseball, my first passion, a “Five Tool” player is used to describe a well rounded baseball that can do it all and are often described as true “athletes”.  I have adapted this term to describe the manner in which I train athletes, my second passion, in order… Continue Reading →

Power Circuit Built for Baseball Teams

In order to repeatably produce high levels of power your muscles needs to have enough rest between repetitions.  This circuit is designed to fit the kind  of power needs we want to use in baseball. Divide your players into groups of 4-8 per station. Each station is 90 seconds long with a 30 second break… Continue Reading →

Hydration for Baseball (or any sport for that matter)

The game of baseball can be harsh.  Games can last forever during the hottest days of the year. To fight this and maintain your athletic performance one of the most important things that you need to keep in check is your hydration. Without adequate hydration: your nerves and the muscles they control cannot function properly… Continue Reading →

Warm Up – Stationary

Sometimes you might have to get warmed up in a small area like a dugout or a hallway.  If this is the case here’s an option for you. This warm is best done with timed sets with 30 seconds per station and with no break between this warm up is done in 3 minutes.  However… Continue Reading →

Get Down with this Awesome Exercise for Strength & Mobility

This the first portion of an exercise called the Turkish Get Up which is an awesome movement requires high levels of both mobility and stability.  It can be performed with many different tools like db’s or med balls but it is best to use a kettlebell if you have access to one. This movement is… Continue Reading →

Take Care of your Muscles – Basic Soft Tissue Warm Up

Here is the first thing you need to do when you get into the gym.  This massage to your muscles will warm them up by increasing blood flow while preparing them for the workout ahead.  Even if you aren’t going to workout this circuit is great to do throughout he day. The more frequent you… Continue Reading →