Strength Checklist (Front Squat, Floor Press, RFESS, TRX Row)

Even though you have been tested for your on-field athletic ability I am going to set some standards for your performance in the weight room.  You will have to prove your performance by taking a video of yourself doing a certain amount of reps with a certain amount of weight with proper technique.


The purpose of taking these videos is not so that you can brag on social media about your workout.  They allow me as your remote coach to see that you are capable of doing certain exercises with some predetermined weights before I graduate you onto the next level with heavier loads.  This is my quality control system and it makes you as the athlete accountable to reach certain standards.

We aren’t going to test every exercise in your program but we will focus on a couple of the real important ones.  Keep in mind that every exercise has it’s purpose and although we aren’t testing or recording it doesn’t mean that’s its not important!!

Front Squat

The rules:

  • 5 reps controlled reps
  • Chest up, hips do rise first, go tempo down (2 sec), one second pause at the top.
  • This should take exactly 20 seconds with 4 seconds per rep (2 sec down, 1 sec pause, 1 sec up)
  • Knee don’t buckle in
  • 90 degrees or lower – tops of thighs parallel to ground
  • Heels stay on the ground
  • crossed faced or strap grip

images (1)images (2)

Prove it at:

  • 165 lbs
  • 185 lbs
  • 225 lbs
  • 255 lbs
  • 285 lbs

Good example:

One Arm Floor Press:

The Rules:

  • 8 clean reps
  • one second pause at bottom with upper arm touching the floor
  • arm touches the ground softly and under control
  • your feet no more than shoulder width apart
  • full elbow extension at the top with no rest at top
  • palm facing in towards your body the whole time

download (2) download (3)

Prove it at:

  • 50 lbs
  • 65 lbs
  • 80 lbs
  • 90 lbs

Good Example

RFESS (a.k.a Bulgarian Split Squat)

The Rules

  • Hold onto one db in the same hand of the leg that is back up on the bench
  • Knee must touch the pad on the ground each rep
  • hips don’t rise faster than your shoulders
  • you maintain balance for all 8 reps
  • heel stays down
  • you don’t lean back too much on your back leg

Prove it at

  • 50 lbs
  • 75 lbs
  • 85 lbs
  • 100 lbs

Good example:

Inverted Row – feet elevated

The Rules:

  • The straps are just long enough that you have to reach up a couple of inches when you are lying down
  • shoulders directly under the bar
  • feet are elevated on a bench with just your heels on the bench
  • pull yourself all the way up to get your thumbs to your nipples
  • complete pause at the top (1 sec) and bottom (1 sec)
  • Entire body stays straight

Prove it at

  • 10

Good exampl

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