Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift

The Band Resisted Trap Bar Deadlift

This is a great exercise that teaches you how to continuously accelerate the bar starting from a dead stop at the bottom while challenging you through the entire range of motion.  As you lift the bar the band is stretched adding more resistance every inch that it expands.  That’s a good thing because we are stronger at the top of the deadlift when your hips are getting into more extension on their way to standing straight up so this allows us to be challenged in these strong positions.

This exercise is then said to accommodate the length-tension relationship of the muscles that produce the power needed to  from hip flexion to hip extension.  The muscles of the hips are aka the Glutes.

With normal deadlifitng you can’t get to these stronger potions unless you make it past your weak point which for most is getting the weight off the ground in the first place.  This is why rack pulls are so much fun to boost your ego.

We won’t be doing any 1 RM maxes with this style of deadlift since it will be more reserved to fill in other points on the force velocity curve namely the strength-speed section.


  • Take out the Slack
  • Start Slow – Finish Fast

What it looks like

band resisted deadlift





Here’s another good example this time with the low handles which require more mobility to keep your spine straight.

deadlift - band resisted






The Set Up

band resisted trap bar set up







Re-set between each reps.  Feel that you’re shifting gears like you would in a car starting from a dead stop.  First gear is slower put more powerful and must happen before 2nd gear where the speed goes up but without the intial momentum prodivded by the 1st gera could of occured.

Start slow finish fast

Take the slack out


The Set Up




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