Young Pitcher Exercises

Heel Touch alt side plank Lateral Hurdle Hop spiderman lunge Goblet Squat 1 arm DB Press – floor Split Squat Side Plank Row Step Ups Half kneeling 1 arm band press                

Lateral Power – French Contrast

Lateral Sled Drag Load n’ Go Lateral Jump Band Resisted Lateral Jump Band Assisted Lateral Jump

Reactive Lifts

RFESS – you can use DB’s Squat RDL Bench Press Split Squat

Oscillating Split Squat from Just Fly Sports

To perform the Oscillating Split Squat, descend  get into a RFESS/Bulagarian SPlit Squat Position with either a bar in the rack or DB’s Get to a position with your front thigh at, or a few degrees above, parallel. Tense the muscles of the quad and glute on your lead leg as much as possible, then,… Continue Reading →

Stability Drills

Half Get Up Bowler Squat Half Kneeling Pallof Press Marching Glute Bridge Walkout Waiter’s Carry w/ KB Graeme Lehman

Sprinting Cues

External Cues for acceleration Posture – Head to heel strong as steel, Front Side – break the glass (w/ knee), punch the mitt, sprint up the hill Backside – push the ground away, drive back,  power over quickness Arm action  – throw spaghetti at the wall, bread to ducks chasing you Sprinting cues Posture –… Continue Reading →

Upper Body Soft Tissue

Lat Foam Roll Pec Roll w/ Med Ball Pec Roll w/ Bench & Ball Cuff Rolling – Ground Upper Trap Rolling w/ Wall Cuff Rolling w/ Wall (example 1) Cuff Rolling w/ Wall (Example 2) Medial Elbow/Forearm – Ball on Table Bicep w/ Foam Roller

Lower Body Soft Tissue

Below are short video clips of the different lower body soft tissue drills. These are great drills to do throughout the day.  Frequency help enhance recovery and repair time of muscles. Click here to see full video Quads and Hip Flexors Lateral Leg – IT Band Calves w/ Ball Glutes w/Ball Groin w/ Med Ball

Antropometric Assessment

Here is a list of all the antropometric information that I feel are valuable enough to spend the time and energy in gathering.  Each piece of information gathered can be related to throwing velocity and when looked at all together can provide us with a very accurate picture of each athlete. Here is a list… Continue Reading →

Guideline for Hypertrophy (aka Bigger Muscles)

The word Hypertrophy means to add size and in this case we are talking about getting bigger muscles.  There has been many myths out there that gaining muscle size won’t let you move as fast because you will become “muscle bound”.  Becoming muscle bound would take a lot of time and for most young players… Continue Reading →