Athletic Hypertrophy – Day 1

Lift “A” A1&A2 B1&B2 C1&C2 D1-D3

Health Checklist – Scale

Below is a description of what number values for the checklist where you need to rank your energy, sleep and how your arm feels on a daily basis. It’s important that everyone is speaking the same language so that we are all on the same page. Energy Level @ Waking 10 LET’S GO!!! 7.5 I’m… Continue Reading →

Health Checklist – Yes or No?

These checklists are aimed at helping you develop better habits that will improve your ability to rest and recover between games/practices/training sessions. Your ability to recover is vital.  Without recovery you can’t get better/bigger/faster because you will just keep tearing your body down. Checklist list #1  – Yes or No If you did what the… Continue Reading →

Overhead Squat Corrections – Mobility

Overhead Squat Corrections  – Mobility Issues Hip Flexor Stretch – Rectus Femoris Place a chair behind you, put a pillow on the ground between you and the chair and finally and grab a stick that you can use for balance Put one foot on the chair and lower yourself until your knee rests on the… Continue Reading →

Corrective Exercise Descriptions

  Shoulder Mobility Corrections Wall Slides                                                                              Lean against a wall with your hips, shoulders and back of your head touching while your feet should be 6-12 inches away. Ensure that you do not have too much of a sway in your low back – you should be able to slide your hand between the wall… Continue Reading →

Intro Workout

Introductory Workout The goal here is to introduce some key movements. Station 1: The Dumbbell Station – 3 rounds RFESS: 8 reps – (cue elbows inside knee) Floor Press: 8 reps per arm Bent Over Row: 12 reps RFESS: Hold one heavy or two lighter DB’s in the goblet position.  Place a mat under on… Continue Reading →

Strength Checklist (Front Squat, Floor Press, RFESS, TRX Row)

Even though you have been tested for your on-field athletic ability I am going to set some standards for your performance in the weight room.  You will have to prove your performance by taking a video of yourself doing a certain amount of reps with a certain amount of weight with proper technique. The purpose… Continue Reading →

How to and How Not to Deadlift

The deadlift is one if not the greatest exercise that athletes can use to increase their size and strength when used properly.  In order to gain the rewards of being bigger and stronger we have to minimize our risks when we train with the deadlift. This webinar will go over what you need to know… Continue Reading →

Sprint Circuits: In-Season

Since players get to sprint a lot in games and practices during the season the focus of an in-season sprint program is on improving running bio-mechanics.  This will be accomplished through the use of drills that focus on acceleration while not adding too much additional physical stress to an in-season baseball player. Here are two… Continue Reading →

Recovery Week – The “How & When”

If you’ve seen part 1 of why you should take a rest week then here is the article that will guide you to: what you should be doing when you should be doing it how you should be doing it But here is what a perfect day would look like: wake up after 8+ hours… Continue Reading →