Intro Workout

Introductory Workout

The goal here is to introduce some key movements.

Station 1: The Dumbbell Station – 3 rounds

  1. RFESS: 8 reps – (cue elbows inside knee)
  2. Floor Press: 8 reps per arm
  3. Bent Over Row: 12 reps

RFESS: Hold one heavy or two lighter DB’s in the goblet position.  Place a mat under on the ground to ensure proper depth (knee touches the ground)

Floor Press: control the decent (injury prevention).  Full back of the arm touches the ground and pauses for one second.  Keep feet shoulder width apart.

Bent over row: Keep torso stable – it will want to rise up.  Flat back/chest out.

rfessRFESS Frontfloorone arm row

Station 2: Cables and Bodyweight – 3 rounds

  1. One Arm Cable Row: 8 per side
  2. Nordic Leg Curls : 4
  3. Tempo Pushup: 8 reps/40 seconds

One arm cable row: sit back into your hips to provide a stable base – feet outside shoulder width by a couple of inches per side.  Try to not twist your body during the entire movement.

Nordic Leg Curl:  Athlete must dig their toes into the ground so that their partner can place all of their body-weight on their ankles.  Try to take 3 seconds to lower yourself – take your time at the top,  When you fall catch yourself with a pushup and push yourself back up to the point where you fell and use your hamstrings to pull yourself back up.  Keep your hips pushed forward.

Tempo pushup: normal pushup but the emphasis is on the tempo/time it takes to perform each rep.  Take 3 seconds to lower to the point where the elbows are just past the level of their back where they must PAUSE for 1 second.  Push yourself back up in one second and DON’T pause at the top.  One rep equals 5 seconds.

row cablenordicPushup tempo

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