How Does It Work? Overview

The process to get going so that I can help you become a better athlete and achieve your baseball goals is pretty simple.

Step 1 – Fill Out Application Here.  This type of training isn’t for everyone and its takes a lot of time and effort on my end as well.  As a result we have to make sure its a fit so that we don’t end up wasting time and energy.  Read this article to see if you’re a fit.

Step 2 – I review your application and send you a follow up questionnaire.  Here we go more in-depth with many other pieces of information that are important (i.e injury history, other sport commitments, training history).

Step 3 – I send a list of tests and assessments that need to be video taped and then sent back to me. This information provides us with a starting point along with the visual clues that I need to build a program specifically designed to suit strengths and weakness’ of each athlete.

Step 4 – I create a customized program based on all of this information and then send it along with videos and descriptions of how to execute each drill and exercise.

Step 5 – Through text’s, e-mails, videos, on-line documents and questionnaires we communicate on a frequent basis in order to track progress in the weight room along with nutrition and rest.  This allows me to make any adjustments to the program that I feel are necessary based on his performance and progress along with providing him with pieces of information that will align him with his goals.

Step 6 – At the end of each training block (4 weeks) we start this process all over again with a re-assessment of a select number of tests and build a new program based on these results, time of year (off-season, pre-season, in-season) along with any new athletic goals.




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