How Does It Work?

The process to get going so that I can help you become a better athlete and achieve your baseball goals is pretty simple.

Fill Out Application Here.  This type of training isn’t for everyone and its takes a lot of time and effort on my end as well.  As a result we have to make sure its a fit so that we don’t end up wasting time and energy.

Step 2 – I send you questionnaire for him to fill that tells me exactly what his goals are along with many other pieces of information that are important (i.e injury history, other sport commitments, training history).

Step 3 – I send a list of tests and assessments that he needs to video tape himself doing and then send to me.  This information provides us with a starting point along with the visual clues that I need to build a program specifically designed to suit his strengths and weakness’ as an athlete.

Step 4 – I create a customized program based on all of this information and then send it to him along with videos and descriptions of how to execute each drill and exercise.  The program will cover everything he needs to do both inside and outside of the weight room in order to succeed.

Step 5 – Through e-mails, videos, on-line documents and questionnaires we communicate on a weekly basis in order to track progress in the weight room along with nutrition and rest.  This allows me to make any adjustments to the program that I feel are necessary based on his performance and progress along with providing him with pieces of information that will align him with his goals.

Step 6 – At the end of each training block (4-8 weeks) we start this process all over again with a re-assessment and a new program based on these results, time of year (off-season, pre-season, in-season) along with any new athletic goals.




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