Why Is It Benefical

There are two simple reasons why you should take advantage of remote consulting.

#1 – Expertise.  There’s a really good chance that you live somewhere that doesn’t have an expert in the field of strength and conditioning as well as throwing mechanics.  The internet allows you to take advantage of experts anywhere in the world so it would be wise to use these people, like myself, who have spent a lot time, money and energy studying to learn as much as possible.

If your hometown does have an expert then go with him or her but I bet its going to cost a lot of money which brings me to my second point.

#2 – Lower Costs.  For the price of one or two personal coaching sessions you can get a full months worth training advice which includes:

  • workouts
  • accountability
  • educational resources
  • phone calls
  • video analysis

Since I don’t have to spend the time to be with you for each hour that you train in the gym or on the field you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money.

This is what they call a Win-Win Situation


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