Check List Scale

Below is a description of what number values for the checklist where you need to rank your energy, sleep and how your arm feels on a daily basis.

It’s important that everyone is speaking the same language so that we are all on the same page.

Energy Level @ Waking
10 LET’S GO!!!
7.5 I’m Ready
5 One Snooze Button
2.5 Two + Snooze Buttons
0 Not Gonna Happen
Energy Level pre-practice/game/lift
10 LET’S GO!!!
7.5 I’m Ready
5 One Snooze Button
2.5 Use me only if you need to
0 Not Gonna Happen
Quality of Sleep
10 Like a baby – no interuptions and vivid dreams
7.5 Pretty good!
5 might need a nap – woke up once or twice
2.5 Horrible – no more than 1 hour blocks
0 What sleep?
How does your arm feel before throwing?
10 How wants to long toss?? Throwing Bullet’s
7.5 Ready to go
5 Might take a while to get loose
2.5 Not going to throw – see how it feels tomorrow
0 Call Dr. Andrews!!!
How does your arm feel after throwing?
10 Who wants to long toss?!?! Throwing Bullet’s
7.5 It felt good and I can throw again tomorrow
5 Little tight – nothing out of the ordianary
2.5 It’s Hanging – I need some rest and recovery
0 Call Dr. Andrews!!!

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