Daily Drills – DMac

Set Up a Timer to do each movement for 45 seconds per side with about 15 seconds to switch to the next movement.  Repeat 2-4 times.  On days that you’re not lifting weights do this at least 3 rounds.

Alt Leg Drops Go slowly – pretend you have a water bottle balancing on the vertical leg. DO NOT let your low back arch!!!

Wall Slides Pretend you have two watches on and you’re scraping them against the wall as you go up and down. Elbows and wrists press against the wall DO NOT let your low back arch. Only go as high as you can until the low back wants to arch

Quad Foam Roll – progress to doing one leg at a time. Might be too much the first couple of times you do this. Be sure to go all the way down just above the knee cap and up towards the hip. Spend more time in places where it hurts more

Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – back foot up on a chair. If that’s too much of a stretch or too high place something under your knee or find a short surface. Keep your abs slightly braced and DO NOT arch your low back. When you drift forwards start this movement by flexing the glute muscle of the leg that’s being stretched. This will cause you to drift forward enhancing the stretch,

Lat Foam Roll – lie on your side and place a foam roller in your arm pit area. Lift your body with your free hand pushing into the ground as well as the bottom knee. Roll a couple of inches above and below the arm pit. Play around by leaning forwards and backwards to find tight areas. Spend more time on the tight spots.

Band Pullaparts – without arching your back pull move your arms apart while holding onto a band with the elbows locked. Take your time stopping at the start and end of each rep. Easy strengthening of the upper back.

Spiderman Lunge & Reach – start in a pushup position then bring the right foot up towards your right hand placing it on the ground just to the outside. The shin should be vertical and the thigh parallel. Then without moving your lower body reach the right arm up towards the sky and hold for 2 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

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