End of Summer Program: Weight Room #1

The goal here is to get good a couple of really important exercises to improve and increase our muscles ability to produce power by enhancing strength.

Order Drill/Exercise : Sets : Reps/distance
A1 Goblet squat : 4 : 6
A2 DB Row : 4 : 8
B1 pushup : 3 : 12
B2 reverse lunge : 3 : 8/
C1 farmer’s walk : 3 : 1 min

Goblet Squat

If you can squat the 75 lbs DB move onto the the double DB version seen in the pictures

goblet squat double goblet squat top double goblet squat bottom

DB Row

one arm row



Reverse Lunge

reverse lunge

Farmer’s Walk

farmers walk

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