End of Summer Training Program – Overview

This workout is designed to be performed during the end of summer if you’re taking some time off before the start of fall ball.  This time off is a great idea.  It allows you to take some time off of pitching and a lot of the high volume throwing that happens from playing and practicing almost everyday which is the most stressful for your arm.

But because you’re not throwing doesn’t mean that you can’t increase throwing velocity.  This time off for your arm means that we can focus on the rest of the body which is ultimately responsible for the speed and velocity that your arm can achieve anyways.

We are also going to take advantage of the fact that it’s nice outside and perform a couple of outdoor workouts which you can do in the back yard or a near by park.  The main goal with the outdoor workouts is to improve your overall athleticism.  By being outside we can explosive movements like sprinting, jumping and throwing medicine balls which will carry over onto the field and make you a better athlete.  Being outside on the grass really helps with this transition between training and playing.

We are still going to hit the gym twice a week because it’s the best place to help increase your overall strength levels which are needed to maximize your power.  The workouts will be short and simple but don’t confuse this for being easy.  By focusing on less exercises we can zero in on the important stuff and really make sure that your are getting stronger by trying to improve on these important exercises.

To really take advantage of this time you need to also focus on recovering and taking care of your body.   This means that you need to take care of your sleep and nutrition while also adding in some extra stretching and foam rolling.

Here is the overall schedule

Day 1 – Field #1
Day 2 – Gym #1
Day 3 – off/recover
Day 4 – Field #2
Day 5 – Gym #2
Day 6 – off/recover
Day 7 – Football/Play

You see on the last day I have listed “Football/Play”.  This means that i want you to go throw the football around and if you want to add it in on your “field workouts” go ahead.

Sprinting & jumping to catch the ball makes you a better athlete plus it’s a lot of fun.  Throwing a football is the original form of weighted ball throwing and it worked for this guy!!

Image result for nolan ryan throwing a football

Footballs are going to weigh about 3x as much as a baseball.  This means that you will be getting stronger from throwing a heavier ball but the speed that your arm can move is much slower which reduces the chances of injury.  Coupled with the reduced number of throws that you make throwing a football compared to a baseball means that the volume will be lower which again is great for your arm.  Go ahead and throw some deep bombs if your arm feels okay.  Recognize what your lower body and trunk are doing to help you air it out down field and think about how that can help you on the mound.

Jut remember to keep the throwing to a minimum and once your distances start to drop – you stop!!










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