End of Summer Training Program – Field #2

The main focus is going to be on improving your medicine ball throws because they are a full body power exercise that will help improve running speed along with throwing and hitting power.  The only way we can tell if you are getting better is to measure the distance that you can throw the ball because more power from you and your muscles equals more distance.  There will be some work you have to do on your technique to throw the ball but that will be easy to master; much easier than throwing a baseball that’s for sure.

To do this you will see how far away you can start from a fence or wall but still have the medicine ball roll and make contact with the fence/wall after three throws.  Rest about 30 seconds between throws as you walk towards the wall/fence.  Think of it as golf without the putting.

After each set of 3 three throws walk back and take a minute before going again.  If you hit the wall start a little further back and place something on the ground to mark where you started.

If possible use the same medicine ball every time in the same location so that we can make comparisons and you can see how you are improving.

Here is the rest of the workout.

Complete 3 rounds of each circuit with about 60 seconds off between exercises and rounds.  Take 2-3 minutes between each circuit to set up.  Circuits are the 2-3 exercises that all have the same letter (A or B).
A1 half kneeling sprint starts
A2 superman reach
A3 lateral hand walk
B1 lateral hurdle hop n’ stop
B2 negative y’s
C1 MB backwards toss

Half Kneeling Sprint Starts

  • sprint 10-15 yards then walk back – do 2 sprints per round (one per side)

half kneeling sprint starts

Superman Reach – 


lateral hand walk

Lateral Hop n’ Stop
the goal is to be under control while floating in the air between hurdles.

lateral hrudle hop and stick

Negative Y’s

  • Perform a rowing motion followed by an overhead press to get the band up into the “Y” position.
  • Slowly allow the arms, locked at the elbow, to be pulled in by the bands ending with your hand at shoulder height and width.

WY negatives

Med Backwards Toss – 3 sets of 3 throws

Backwards mb throw distance

see above for detailed instructions.









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