Get Down with this Awesome Exercise for Strength & Mobility

This the first portion of an exercise called the Turkish Get Up which is an awesome movement requires high levels of both mobility and stability.  It can be performed with many different tools like db’s or med balls but it is best to use a kettlebell if you have access to one.

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This movement is hard to master but the pay-offs are huge if you can perform it with an emphasis on QUALITY equally well on both the left and right side.

Get Down – Right

Click here to watch the whole video but here are the 4 parts to the get down.  From here stand up on your own and start again.  Do not try the Get Up portion until you have mastered the Get Down

#1 – Slap & Step Back.  Slap the leg on the same side of your free hand to know what leg to step back with.  Land softly with both legs at 90 degrees.


#2 – SWEEP your leg like a Winder Shield Wiper and SHIFT your hips:  Pivot the back lower leg as shown below.  This allows you to move through your hips and not your back.  From there reach to the side while shifting into your hips.  With the free hand reach straight to the side and not back – in-line with the knee on the ground.



#3 – Sweep and Sit:  The back leg slides through the opening between the foot and the hand on the ground forming a bridge.  Pause in this position with your bet buckle pointed towards the sky.  Once you have proven you can hold this position lower yourself gently into a sitting position.


#4 – Swivel & Stop:  take the time to swivel your wrist so that the fingers of the hands on the ground can rotate forwards.  This allows you to lower yourself more naturally onto your forearm where you must come to a complete PAUSE before going to the final stage.


#5 – The End:  lower yourself onto your back from here while maintaining control of the kettlebell.


Get Down  – Left:  Reverse all instructions

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