Pre-Season Position Players Lift Day 2

Who: Position Players

When: pre-season, in-season (after games or practice)

What:  Strength & Conditioning

Where: Weight room

Training Session Overview

  1. Warm Up – click here if you don’t have a customized warm up
  2. Strength Training

Strength & Conditioning

DB Jump

face pull

overhead sit up

loaded jump squat face pulls overhead sit up


Landmine Press

rfess landmine press


sb leg curls

1 Arm DB Row

pushup sb leg curl one arm row

The reason information about sets, reps or rest isn’t included is that this was designed for specific athletes on a specific team to meet their unique wants and needs. A lot of this information is great for any player but to get the full benefits a customized program is required.   If you want to have a customized workout to meet your specific wants and needs then contact me at:

Graeme Lehman, MSc, CSCS

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