Recovery Circuit – Control your Range (flexible player)

On your off-days go into the gym and perform this basic circuit in order to help improve recovery so that you’re at the top of your game physically when you have your next training session.

This circuit is designed for for athletes that might have more flexibility than most while also having long and lean limbs.  If this description doesn’t fit you then you might try one of these (here and here) other two circuit but it will still serve its purpose.

This will help challenge your stability while helping promote some muscle growth as well but don’t go too crazy otherwise you will have the opposite effect.

Keep the intensity and volume of these workouts fairly low.  If you’re feeling great and want to do more that is great since that’s a sign that you are recovering well.  The smart thing to do here is to shut things down when we are feeling good so that we experience this same feeling when we go tot he gym the next day for an actual training session.  If you want to learn more reasons why you should perform these circuit go to the bottom of this page.

Following a warm with your soft tissue work and any other workout then pick one of the following two circuits.

Perform two rounds.

Option #1 – DB Circuit – no more than 10-15lbs (go lighter on reverse flys)

Order Exercise Reps
1 Pushup 10
2 Renegade row 8 each
3 Reverse Lunge 8 each
4 Reverse Fly 10
5 1 leg calf raise 12 each

pushup renegade-rowreverse-lunge



Option #2 – Body Weight, Bench & Band

Order Exercise Reps
1 Heel touch 5/side
2 pushup & reach 5/side
3 1 leg glute bridge 10/side
4 Wall side plank 30sec/side
5 no money 10








Benefits to recovery workouts

  1. technique: since the amount of weight that you’re lifting is not the primary focus you can concentrate on the technique of each exercise.  This is no different then throwing a bullpen or taking BP – work on your mechanics here!!
  2. release of cytokines:  Cytokines are proteins which serve as the directors of the immune system. Three specific cytokines ((IL-1, IL-6, TNF) produce most of the inflammatory response, which is the reason they are called the “inflammatory or pro-inflammatory cytokines” (5). They are responsible for protein breakdown, removal of damaged muscle cells, and an increased production of prostaglandins (hormone-like substances that help to control the inflammation).
  3. more work allows your body to get better at recovery which is huge for getting in as many good workouts as you can or playing at a high level during the season.
  4. Recovery Article


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