Take Care of your Muscles – Basic Soft Tissue Warm Up

Here is the first thing you need to do when you get into the gym.  This massage to your muscles will warm them up by increasing blood flow while preparing them for the workout ahead.  Even if you aren’t going to workout this circuit is great to do throughout he day. The more frequent you can apply this kind of massage teh better your recovery is going to be!!!

You need:

  1. foam roller
  2. massage stick
  3. Medicine Ball (firm)
  4. Massage Ball (lacrosse)

Each one of these tools are better for certain body parts so if you have access to them all then use them.

In a team setting this works great since each group will rotate through the four stations with the different massage tool.

Set a timer for 30 second intervals – spend 1 minute on each drill with 30 seconds per side.  This is a minimum – feel free to go longer

1- Foam Roller – Quads & Lats


  • Be sure to be on your forearms and brace your abs lightly – no low back sway
  • Go all the way from your knee cap to the hips


Get right in your arm pit – play around with your pitch (lean back and lean forward)

2 – Massage Stick- Calves & Tibialis Anterior (front of your shin)


  • Allow your calf muscles to be relaxed and get into a position that you can apply some pressure
  • work both the top part of the calf and especially the lower portion where the calf gets narrower (soleus)


  • Don’t go over your actual shin bone.  You will be on the side.
  • Pull your toes up to flex the muscle you need to roll.  Once you have located it allow it to relax.

3- Medicine Ball – Glutes & Pecs


  • Cross the leg of the hip/glute you will be rolling over your other knee
  • Find tender spots and zone in on them

med-ball-rolling-chest-ground med-ball-rolling-chest

Try either of these variations.  Focus on the area where your arm meets your body.

4- Massage Ball: Rotator Cuff & Upper Traps

massage-ball-cuff-set-up massage-ball-rotator-cuff

Use either the wall or the ground.  Find tender spots and focus on them


Lean back into the wall so that you can get at these muscles.

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