Warm Up – Stationary

Sometimes you might have to get warmed up in a small area like a dugout or a hallway.  If this is the case here’s an option for you.

This warm is best done with timed sets with 30 seconds per station and with no break between this warm up is done in 3 minutes.  However I have provided some rep goals to achieve during the time- often times you have to slow players down so they don’t do too many reps since they will more often than not be performed poorly.

  1. Walkouts (5reps)
  2. Stationary Spiderman (2 reps per side)
  3. Bowler Squats (5 per side in 15 seconds)
  4. Body Weight Squats  (30 seconds or 8 reps)
  5. Reverse Lunge & Reach (3 reps per side)
  6. Side to Side Ankle Hops (10 there and back)

walkouts stationary

walkout SLOWLY until you get the pushup position with your hips level – don’t let the hips sag – don’t stand up between reps

spiderman stationary

hold the lunge position for a second then the reach position for a second before switching sides


reach down and across – perform 5 controlled reps in 15 seconds then switch sides

sit back into a deep squat – hold the bottom position for 2 seconds – gradually lift your arms up overhead with each rep until you are doing overhead squats

step back with your right leg then twist to your left feeling a deep stretch in your right hip flexor area

single leg hop side to side

hop side to side in a controlled manner trying to land int he exact same two spots – add height as you go along until you have reached the 15 sec mark then switch sides

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