Post Pitching/Pen Workout

Here is the workout that you need to perform after you pitch or throw a pen.

Here are some notes:

  • if you can do the workout the same day as you pitch this is even better because it gives you  a longer time to recover.  It is tough pitching then working out but by putting these two “stresses” together gives you more time to relax rather than having to workout the next day which would interrupt this critical recovery time.  There will be an “on-field” option in order to make it easier to exercise the same day you pitch.
  • It is okay to lift later that same day that you pitch even if it is hours after the game has ended.  This should allow you to get to your weight room and lift.
  • Base the volume on how many innings/pitches you threw.  If at the beginning of the season when you are building up innings you can do all 3 sets in the weight room.  As the season goes on and you pitch count goes up you can reduce the volume to 2 sets in the weight room.
Post Pitching : Gym Sets & Reps
Round A 2-3 rounds
1 RFESS – Goblet Grip 10/
2 Chest Supported Row 10
3 Pushup 10
Round B 2-3 rounds
1 Heel Touch/Single Leg Box Squat 8/
2 Landmine Press 12/
3 Supine Pullaparts 12
C 2-3 rounds
1 Back Extensions 12
2 Alt SB DB Press 8/
3 Face Pulls 12
4 SB Punches 12











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